Youtube Mp3 Converter

Why You Should Convert YouTube Videos to Mp3

Nowadays, online video viewing is a rage. There exists a huge number of online video sites which cater to the interests of this growing section of the market. YouTube has, by, far, outranked all other online video websites, and now proudly holds first place in the online video streaming category.

As shown by statistics, YouTube has the highest number of available videos which can be watched on demand, as well as the highest number of video views every month. Yes, YouTube recorded a mind-boggling 43.5 billion views in December of 2011. If such statistics are anything to go by, YouTube is clearly the leading video viewing website.

However, online video viewing on YouTube has plenty of limitations. The very word “online” gives away the fact that video viewing on YouTube is wholly dependent on an Internet connection. While YouTube does not in itself provide options for downloading a video, all YouTube videos can generally be downloaded from third-party websites. The standard format in which all YouTube videos are downloaded is .flv (Flash Video). But suppose you want to download a popular music video in a simple audio format for listening on your phone – what do you do then?

This is where a YouTube video to MP3 converter comes in. These converters quickly transcode YouTube video files into audio files (in MP3 format) for listening on a wide variety of devices. MP3 is the most widely accepted audio format that can be played on all devices.

The various advantages of converting YouTube videos into MP3 format audio files are:

1. Access to a Huge Library of Content

With YouTube boasting music video content in every genre and every niche imaginable, you can leisurely pick your favourite videos to be converted from a huge library. On YouTube, you will find whatever you want – be it rock and roll, rap, or country music, finding the best songs in all genres on YouTube is a breeze. Converting to MP3 is quick, and you will soon have a whole new playlist of your favourite songs on any music-playing device!

The good thing about audio files in MP3 format is that they help save a lot of space. MP3 files can be easily organized and systematically stored in a compressed manner. With video files, which take up a lot more space, that is not possible.

2. Offline Availability

The best part about converting YouTube videos to MP3 files is that they do not require the Internet to be accessed. They can be retrieved and played offline, from anywhere, at any point in time. YouTube requires a working Internet connection for the streaming of videos. By downloading the video in an MP3 format, you can play the audio file from any supported device any time you want, without the need for Internet access.

3. Multiple Device Playability

MP3 is the most widely recognized audio format. It is playable on computers, standard mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, audio and MP3 players, MP4 players, as well as many other devices. This ability to be played on multiple devices makes the conversion of YouTube videos to MP3 format a necessity.

4. Quick Conversion and Sharing

Converting YouTube videos to MP3 files is a quick and easy process, with the sharing process being even quicker. Video files take quite a while to be shared and exchanged, but MP3 files allow for quick sharing. Sharing that new song from your favourite artist is a breeze!

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