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Top 10 Highest Earning YouTube Stars

YouTube has been growing in terms of both its user base, and its popularity with each passing day. It is not only the most popular online video streaming website on the Internet, but also one of the most popular websites overall, streaming over 4 billion videos every day.

Owing to its immense popularity, YouTube can be safely called an extensive money-making machine. With the monetization of YouTube channels and videos, anyone stands to make money on YouTube. Of course, a lot of effort has to be put in to reap the benefits, but the end figures speak for themselves. The highest paid users on YouTube rake in revenue worth billions, most of which comes from advertising based entirely on the number of videos they have posted.

YouTube is one place where, if you have the heart, the dedication and the tenacity, you can make a lot of money. And all of it with just a video camera, a personal YouTube account, and a strong message.

But how exactly does the advertising revenue work? It all depends on the number of followers your channel has, and the number of videos you post. Depending on your follower base, you can set advertisements, and then garner revenue every time someone clicks on your video to watch it. The more followers a channel has, the greater its chances of making more money.

Here are some of the highest paid independent YouTube stars, who have slogged at it, and reaped the benefits!

1. Shane Dawson

For someone who has three different YouTube channels – and all popular – it is no surprise that he has made over $315,000. The most popular of his channels are the comedy skit and music parody channels.

2. The Annoying Orange

This is an online comedy series, which features discussions and dialogues between various fruits, with a kitchen as the background. Dane Boedigheimer takes the credit for creating The Annoying Orange, as well as lending his voice to it. The Annoying Orange is said to have made over $288,000 on YouTube.

3. Phillip DeFranco

Having made over $181,000 from his videos, Phillip DeFranco is one rich man on YouTube. He has his own show on YouTube, streamed every Monday to Thursday, where he talks about anything and everything – starting from pop music to politics.

4. Ryan Higa

Probably the least prolific of this list, Ryan Higa has notched up 2.6 million subscribers and earned himself over $151,000, proving to be a lucrative draw indeed. “How to be a Gangster” was the video which went viral and shot him into the limelight.

5. Fred

He has to his credit the record of being the second most subscribed user on YouTube, and a sum of $146,000. The creator of this character is Lucas Cruikshank, who is currently in the process of filming a movie with the Nickelodeon channel.

6. Smosh

This YouTube comedy duo of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox has made over $113,000 with Smosh. It is a very popular channel on YouTube, and the duo is very well loved, as seen by the huge number of their followers. They first went viral with their own version of the Pokemon Theme Music Video in 2006. They have never looked back since.

7. The Young Turks

People still are hugely interested in politics, as shown by this political talk show on YouTube run by The Young Turks group and hosted by Cenk Uygur. The Young Turks are said to have amassed a total amount of over $112,00.

8. Natalie Tran

This video blogger has made over $101,000 on YouTube by video blogging on various topics, as well as writing skits. She is very popular in Australia.

9. Mediocre Films

No one should really go by the name of this channel, though, it is definitely a lot more than mediocre, as seen by its earnings of around $100,000. Greg Benson, the man behind this project, makes low budget Internet videos.

10. BlueXephos

With over 960 million channel views, this channel is home to some of the most popular gaming videos and podcasts. It’s earnings of over $6.7 million speak for itself, as does its record of being the eighteenth most subscribed channel (currently) on YouTube.

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