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Most Popular Music Videos on YouTube in 2013

YouTube, the web’s favourite destination for online video streaming, is synonymous with viral music videos that manage to garner a staggering number of hits in an exceedingly short period of time. 2013 has been no exception, and this year has seen a particularly high number of music videos that have gone viral within a few hours of them being uploaded on YouTube.

Of course, for a video to be hugely popular, it needs to satisfy various different consumerist check points. The videos that tick all the right boxes go on to be counted as popular; the ones that don’t, well, that’s a whole different story. This year, YouTube has had many music videos that have been highly appealing to various sections of audiences. Starting from Korean rapper Psy to a revamped avatar of Disney princess Miley Cyrus, 2013 has seen it all.

A few of the most popular music videos on YouTube this year (so far) are:

Gentleman - Psy

After shooting into the limelight with the hugely successful and equally nonsensical Gangnam Style in December 2012, Korean pop giant Psy followed it up in 2013 with his next release, Gentleman. After Gangnam Style went on to become the most watched video on YouTube ever, people began dismissing Psy as a one hit wonder.

Psy bounced back to prove everyone wrong with Gentleman, which notched up 38,409,306 views on YouTube within 24 hours. Psy bagged the Guinness World Record for the most number of views on YouTube within a span of 24 hours. Gentleman quickly reached a threshold of 100 million views in only 4 days!

The quirky music video was in the top 10 charts for 19 weeks since its release, after it finally fell out.

Scream and Shout - ft. Britney Spears

Britney Spears is irresistible, and always will be, as proved once again by the tremendous popularity of Scream and Shout. With lyrics that go “When me and you party together/I wish this night would last forever”, this music video, released in January 2013, has reasons to be a party favourite.

Scream and Shout hit a million views on YouTube in May this year – and now has a total of 136,991,947 views. It stayed in the top 10 charts for 23 weeks.

Just Give me a Reason - Pink ft. Nate Ruess

Pink ploughed into the top throes of YouTube fame and popularity with Just Give me a Reason featuring Nate Ruess of Fun. Released in February 2013, this music video packed in the perfect combo of drama and relevance, delivered through Pink’s powerful vocals.

Pink has always been known to sing straight from the heart, which is what makes her songs so exhilarating. Just Give me a Reason is no exception, where Pink is at her splendid best. For reasons that need not be further explained, the music video on YouTube garnered a total of 188,972,542 views.

We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus

The video that caused a mighty furor on the web’s most actively used video sharing website was We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus. The girl who became an overnight sensation as a Disney teen star in 2006 has now changed her ways and is labelled as rebellious and outrageous by critics all over.

Nevertheless, her unhinged music video, where she puts on a hugely attention-grabbing show, displaying her now infamous twerking moves, has generated as many YouTube views as the controversy it has created. Ever since it was released in June 2013, it has been constantly watched and re-watched, and has not yet left its premiere place at the top of the charts.

9 weeks on, We Can’t Stop stands at having a total of 148,359,798 views.

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