Youtube Mp3 Converter

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the price to convert a video?

YouTube converter doesn’t cost you a penny!

How to use this service?

Look at the top of your page, we have a tutorial section. Make sure to check it out.

How long can I keep a converted file?

The files we give you are yours to keep forever.

'Standard Quality',' High Quality' what’s the difference?

A video issued in standard is 128Kbps and 2 Channels, one issued in Stereo High is 256Kbps, 2 Channels and Stereo.

Can I use this service online?

Of course, no downloads are required.

What does "Error generating MP3 file" mean?

Be patient, this just means to try again later. It’s probably on YouTube’s end, either their connection is broken or they are overloaded with requests.

What does "Error downloading video! Please check your video url" mean?

This means you have to double-check the address you entered. Did you enter everything, even the http://? Give it another shot.

What’s the length of time that the software will take to convert a video?

Although speeds will change based on the video’s length, quality and your internet connection, you should normally expect under 3 minutes per video.

I love your site, can I place an ad on your page?

You certainly can! Just get in touch with us.