Youtube Mp3 Converter

Facts about YouTube to Mp3 Conversion

One of the past times considered in our modern world is scrolling through some videos on YouTube, especially if one is active on social media sites. Sometimes, we find interesting background music from the videos we watch and would like to have it as an MP3 file. Good thing YouTube to MP3 converters or software are readily available on the Internet.

YouTube, which was founded by Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen on Valentines Day 2005, is the leading website in the world when it comes to video sharing. Acquired by Google in the year 2006, the California-based company uses HTML5 and Adobe Flash Video technology to display the highly varied, user-generated videos which may even include TV and movie clips, music videos and amateur videos like video blogging, educational videos and random short original videos.

Although big media corporations such as BBC, CBS, Vevo, Hulu and others offer their materials through their own sites, most of the YouTube videos are uploaded by normal individuals registered on the site. Unregistered users on the other hand can view the uploaded videos freely.

On the other hand, MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III or also known as MP3, is a patented encoding format for digital audio. This uses the form of a lossy data compression. MP3 is a common audio format for audio storage or streaming, also as a de facto standard of digital audio compression which is for the playback and transfer of music on most of digital audio players.

Designed by the Moving Picture Experts Group of MPEG, MP3 was released in 1995 as part of its MPEG-1 standard and was eventually extended in MPEG-2 standard. This audio format is widely used in the world of entertainment and even for businesses such as transcription and many more.

There are various tools available on the Internet that let you record a video from YouTube and convert it into an MP3. Throughout the popularity of this method, its legality has always been as issue. So, is turning a YouTube video file into an MP3 audio file illegal? Technically, it is no different than simply recording what you hear from a radio station which is made legal by the Audio Home Recording Art.

Aside from entertainment, there exists other important reasons to convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio file format. This method is able to compile a great amount of video into high quality audio files, which is the primary relevance of MP3 files. The conversion will keep all files compressed and intact without taking up too much of your memory space. Also, YouTube to MP3 conversions does not require much of a technical expertise to turn video clips into MP3 audio files. In order to get MP3 files from YouTube videos, all you need is an Internet connection.

There may be times that the audio file you would like to download is not available on any other site than YouTube. People who find it difficult to look for their preferred music audio on the Internet may resort to just converting YouTube videos to MP3 files. Converting videos to MP3 format help people save time in searching several sites of the Internet for the audio they like since YouTube contains almost all the audio and video files you will ever need.

MP3 audio format is preferred most since it is the most popular and workable audio format in the world today. The reason for this is simply convenience. Music in the MP3 format may be played using almost any kind of portable audio players like iPods and mobile phones.

If you have already converted your desired audio into MP3, you can listen to it anytime you want even without any Internet connection. Once the file is converted, uploading it is not hard either.

YouTube to MP3 file conversion can also be an aid for businesses. MP3 files are not restricted to music files, but might also contain record storage such as speeches, interviews, workshops or seminars for use in big companies.

It would be hard to imagine a world without YouTube and MP3 files. We cannot deny that both of them have built great contributions not just in the entertainment industry but also in business, education, well-being, sports and many other relevant fields.

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