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Beware of Scam Sites While Converting YouTube Videos to Mp3

With the growing popularity of YouTube, its user base is also on the incline. Not everyone who visits YouTube, however, is willing to pay to watch its content. A person who logs on to YouTube to watch a few funny cat videos will certainly not want to pay for the videos he/she watches during their leisure time. And since YouTube does not support direct downloads of any videos on its site, a number of sites have cashed in on the opportunity and are offering free-of-cost services which allow users to download all videos available on YouTube for offline use.

What’s more, these sites offer lucrative services such as free conversion of YouTube videos to MP3 formats, which basically means that you can download just the audio version of that latest hit track you have been searching for, but couldn’t find anywhere in MP3 format. MP3 format is the most widely recognized and accepted music format by all standard music players, audio devices and the likes.

While all this might sound very attractive at face value, with the huge number of instant free YouTube to MP3 converter sites which offer free conversion and downloads, there are a lot of downsides attached to such offers – the most problematic ones being the increasing number of scam sites. With the increasing popularity of such YouTube MP3 converter services and websites, scammers are making use of the click traffic to redirect anyone who visits such sites to scam sites, where unsuspecting users fall prey to attacks by viruses and other such potentially dangerous malware.

While scam sites are difficult to recognize, there are a few subtle hints that help users identify such sites which infect the unsuspecting visitors computers’ with a lot of unwanted trash, which makes all private information highly vulnerable and at risk of infiltration. Generally, a scam site will contain a few giveaways, which, without any prior knowledge, will be hard to identify, but given the directions, will not be too hard to stay away from before it is too late.

Since most users visit such conversion sites by clicking on website links in search engine results, opening up a site at random will make do. The landing page of the website will be displayed, with the box to enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert. The hint is to look for lies within this landing page. A site which does not have the provided box for entering the YouTube URL, but instead has a list of instructions explaining how the site converts YouTube videos, with an attached link which claims to take you to the actual conversion site is a sure-fire way of distinguishing a scam site.

If you click on that link, which will probably say something like "Click here to download all videos free", you will instantly be redirected to a site which will be loaded heavily with JavaScript and third party content. A dialog box will then pop up asking you to complete a free survey, following which you can unlock the YouTube converter.

If you reach this point, it’s time to go back. Further clicking will only entail divulgence of your personal data, which will enable scammers to gain access to your system, as well as your personal data.

There are a lot of trustworthy websites which offer free YouTube conversion services, and it’s best to stick with the popular names. A very popular and reliable site being Using such sites, you will be able to download YouTube videos as well as convert them for free for offline usage.

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