Youtube Mp3 Converter

Best Way to Convert YouTube Videos to Mp3

Being the largest video sharing and video streaming website on the Internet, YouTube sure has earned its stripes. Ever since it was launched in 2005, it has slowly spread its base, and now boasts an extremely extensive user base.

On a daily basis, there are millions of people watching videos and downloading them. But sometimes instead of downloading videos, we just need the audio part of that video. If you like any video on YouTube which is not available in audio mode, and want to save it permanently as an MP3 in your music library, there are many different solutions. The most popular method is using YouTube to MP3 converter websites.

People who have been searching for a music or video track for a long time and finally find it on YouTube will most certainly want to download the track in order to play it whenever they please, regardless of their Internet connection being available or not. But YouTube by default does not allow any kind of video or audio downloads. Therefore, in order to fill this surging need by web users, various websites have popped up with the offer of letting users download and convert videos for free on their websites. But this is not all. These sites, which are available in huge numbers – one of the more popular ones being – offer not only video downloads, but audio downloads as well, ripping the audio right out of a video track and converting it into the standard MP3 audio format, which is the most recognized audio file format globally.

These websites offering a free YouTube MP3 converter have proved to be of great use for all those users who otherwise had to download entire videos through file sharing websites, and then extract the audio via a cumbersome process using separate conversion software. Using such sites which offer the options of converting YouTube videos to MP3, all the user needs to do is enter the URL of the YouTube video and then choose the appropriate options for the MP3 download.

There are a couple other different solutions to this as well – besides using converter websites, you can download the video from YouTube and then convert it offline using an audio conversion software, or you can make use of browser extensions to download and convert the videos.

While the question of why this method is the best can definitely be posed, there are a number of answers that can effectively answer such questions:

1. Multiple device playability

MP3 being the most accepted and recognized format of audio, it can be run on computers, smart phones, tablets, MP3 and audio players of any kind and also various other devices. This characteristic of MP3 makes it imperative for the user to be able to convert YouTube videos to MP3 through a YouTube converter.

2. Time saving

Online conversion of YouTube videos to MP3 is naturally time saving as it does not require any kind of software download or installation. All it requires is an internet connection. As simple as that!

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