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5 Hilarious Videos on YouTube

Ever since the time that email and the Internet has existed, funny things, whether they be videos or pictures have been spread in large numbers across the Internet, almost virally! Now, in today's world, with the recent expansions of certain platforms like YouTube and various other similar video sharing websites, funny videos and other content are being easily sent and received continuously in large numbers.

What YouTube and other similar sites have done is that they have made possible a crowd-sourced, global version of the hugely popular show “America's Funniest Home Videos”, taking place round the clock, at the will of the user. It has created celebrities out of common people who have had a bad or funny experience and have had the good faith to post it on the Internet, for the sake of making other people laugh and have a moment of fun.

There are some videos which have had a more effective viral effect on the Internet than others and according to their power in the ranks, these five videos have been selected as the five unforgettable funny videos which have gone viral on YouTube:

1. Numa Numa

There has to be something crazy about Mr. Gary Brolsma’s dancing and weird lip singing performance on his web cam to the very famous Moldovan pop number that you just simply can’t turn your head away from. Numa Numa has become an instant hit all over the globe and went viral in no time after it was released. The current viewership states a whopping figure of more than 50 million views on YouTube alone.

2. Sneezing Baby Panda

This one is one of the funniest and most popular videos of all time featuring animals. This video of a sneezing panda brings forth two things, firstly that baby panda bears are probably the cutest species on earth and secondly, baby panda bears sniffling with a cold are downright hilarious. The baby pandas mother’s reaction of surprise adds a fun factor to the video as well.

3. Serious Baby

Cute kids, with cute expressions, doing cute things are always an instant hit on websites like YouTube. This video of a cute little baby who keeps alternating between a super serious expression and hysterics of funny giggles has made its way into the category of funniest videos on YouTube and has gathered well over ten million views. The “Hahaha” baby is still the greatest in this genre.

4. Chocolate Rain

There are doubts over the fact whether singer Tay Zonday ever wanted his song, Chocolate Rain to be treated as a comedy, but the mere combination of this lad’s unnaturally deep voice, goofy instances and weird lyrics make it really difficult not to laugh when watching the video. Yet, whatever it is, this video is a viral hit on the Internet.

5. The Shining (trailer) Spoof

This one, unlike the other videos on the list was edited and produced for the intention of a spoof. This one stylizes the horror movie The Shining as a light hearted, comic film, and is brilliantly done!

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